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Leader in construction of presses and complete pressing lines for more than 150 years.
In its age-old history, Pagnoni reveals an entrepreneurial tenacity truly exemplary. Since its foundation, in 1848, the family itself has been always steadily at the head of the company. Two brothers, for five generations, share the responsibility of leading the company through historical events and economic trends as proof of an uncommon devotion and constancy. This talent is still reflected in the guidance of the company, that has always proposed, and still offers, an exclusive customised service.
Over the various ages, the company turned out to be specialist in the construction of presses for many products
The force of the company is unquestionably its flexibility and dynamism, maintained to meet the requirements of each customer to supply a made-to-order service.
The competence of constructing turn-key projects, press lines or single machines, studied for a specific order, is ensured by the size of the company, which has been intentionally kept contained to provide personal control of all phases of the construction process with the utmost care to offer the customers "state of the science" technology and "old world" craftsmanship. With this history Pagnoni can face new challenges with the same old beliefs with ever continuing technological and human resources.
Since the beginning of its history, Pagnoni has always given great value to the technological innovation, thus gaining certification in the National Register of Research Laboratories: Pagnoni is the only company in Italy that can boast such acknowledgment in this field.
The Pagnoni R&D laboratory promotes research, experimentation and development of the most advanced technology to propose to the market the most effective solutions for process technology and new product development.
In 1848, during the important socio-economic events that changed Europe, two brothers decided to start an activity of mechanical construction, thus founding the “ Fratelli Pagnoni Company”. They were Stefano and Martino Pagnoni, whose family had a mill in Monza for centuries.

When Italy was unified, the company of Monza was already an established entrepreneurial success.
The huge and diversified production of mills and machines for pasta factories and oil mills required the Company to build a bigger factory and a foundry.

The First World War stopped the continuous growth of the company.
At the end of the conflict, Nicola Pagnoni, grandchild of one of the company founders, started the production of hot plate presses, especially for plywood. Since then, the production of machines for the pressing of wooden panels is the heart of the company's production.
Pagnoni overcame even the tragic Second World War, with much effort and initiative.
During the economic boom following the conflict, Giuseppe and Franco Pagnoni succeeded in projecting the company onto the global market, focusing its production on presses for wood based panels and building plants all over the world.

Nowadays, “Pagnoni Impianti S.r.l.”, led by Aldo and Giorgio Pagnoni, is a leader in the construction of pressing lines for particleboards, MDF, short-cycle lamination lines and HPL, of presses for plywood and multi-layer, engineered lumber/parquet and in many other fields where it reveals its technological knowledge and competences.
In the field of wood and furniture, electronics, rubber, composed materials, Pagnoni offers machines innovatively inspired, always obtaining the same results: the customers’ satisfaction.
Pagnoni Impianti provides care in the security and prevention of work accidents, and its products are CE marked, according to 89/392/CEE Law.
Pagnoni has built a great number of lines with single, double and multi-opening presses having capacity output range from 50 up to 1,000 m3/day, thus satisfying customers’ more different requests in terms of sizes, thickness and product quality. Among the several technical innovations introduced by Pagnoni in this field can be mentioned, the electronic space bars to control the given board thickness without manual operations, the new hydraulic circuits to minimize dead times and to regulate the pressing according to the board size, and the powerful and sophisticated continuous pre-compressor.
The common denominator of all Pagnoni machinery, is construction simplicity, sturdiness and durability: the Pagnoni manufacturing concept for more than 150 years.
This is the field where Pagnoni has developed its expertise in designing presses of gigantic dimensions for massive production capacity, up to 1000 m3/day.

The press lines, designed in the latest years, have given the Company the opening to develop a unique and complete product line.

Every new plant benefits from improvements and innovative technical solutions, allowing Pagnoni to be listed with the world's limited number of MDF producers of single and multi daylight presses.
The company's decision not to develop a continuous press for raw board production, has given Pagnoni the great opportunity to implement machine technology of single and multi-opening presses and consequently to enter a market niche of those producers requiring special product, of improved properties and value added market access, almost impossible to obtain with continuous production lines.
Having been in the field of plywood since the beginning of the XIX century, Pagnoni can boast a unique experience, having built more than 270 presses all over the world, of many different characteristics and sizes.

The solutions accomplished are distinguished by cold pre-presses, single and multi-openings hot presses with up to 40 openings.

The final products cover the whole range on the market: ureic and phenolic bonded plywood and specialty technical plywood, as well as 3 or 5 layer blockboard with one or more cores.
The constant growth of world markets demands new technologies to increase and improve production.
In veneering, furniture tops and engineered parquet, the press is the bottleneck of the whole process: the conventional multi-daylight presses are too slow and high frequency presses have too often frustrated the hopes of many utilizers.
The new continuous press PAGNONI EASYLAM® with four independent thermal regulation circuits, 40 m/min (130 ft/minute) max mechanical speed, specific press regulation up to 80 N/cm2 (116 PSI) and electronic opening regulation control, is the solution to overcome the bottleneck.
The PAGNONI EASYLAM® is an endless double steel belt press for veneered panels, furniture tops and multi-layer parquet, designed for fast production, quality and flexibility.
PAGNONI EASYLAM® is available in different standard sizes with width varying from 350 mm to 2300 mm and length from 1900 mm to 8200 mm. The flexibility in size allows the combination of widths and lengths to fit all customers technical and commercial requirements.
Veneering of panels
2 layer parquet
3 layer parquet
Doors of honeycomb panels, with veneer also in a single cycle
Door jambs for multi-layers doors
Plywood and multi-layers
Furniture tops and doors with CPL and HPL
Continuous natural wooden edges
Advantages of PAGNONI EASYLAM® as regards to traditional presses
Press installation doesn’t require thick foundations: resulting in lower cost for civil and erection works, maintenance and cleaning.
- Maximum press height, from floor level, less then 3.00m: allows for lower installation and maintenance costs.
- No dead time for press loading and unloading: means production increase and flexibility to operate with quick reaction glues.
- Possibility to press simultaneously panels having different sizes without causing any damage to the press: extreme production flexibility.
- Press opening calibration with electronic control: different panels thickness management flexibility .
- Pressing times reduced up to 20 times, as regards to static hot presses: this fast cycle time means increased capacity and reduced production cost.
- Four separated heating circuits, allowing temperature diversification within the press: possibility to overlay panels with decorative materials requiring different temperatures.

In addition to the above advantages:
- The endless belts are built in high quality stainless steel.
- PAGNONI EASYLAM® is equipped with a special internal and external steel belt cleaning system, which preserves the panel from imperfections, spots and defects, due to a dirty belt.
- The ball bearings are sealed and life lubricated heavy duty type.
- The modules containing the ball bearings can be extracted easily from their “drawer type” location for easy maintenance. The extraction system is supplied with the press.

Pagnoni Impianti is an authorised Research Laboratory, listed in the Italian Register of Education, University Department of Scientific Research and can make use of the assistance and advice of the most qualified European producers of vinyl, ureic and polyurethane glues.
The laboratory's continuous press, installed in our Monza factory, called Easylab, is a PAGNONI EASYLAM®, 350 mm wide, 2000 mm long equipped with four independent thermal regulation circuits where it is possible to carry out any type test.
All tests, performed in the presence of several customers and of the most qualified wood adhesive producers, have shown the wide application possibilities and the production capacity of this new endless belt press.
The first-rate bonding test results have been certified by qualified institutes like CATAS in pressing of veneered panels, honeycomb panels, multi-layers and parquet and has induced wood adhesive manufacturer to study new faster glue recipes, to support the production capacity of PAGNONI EASYLAM®.
The press Easylab is at our customers' disposal to execute pressing and gluing tests, of every kind of product and application.
Being among the pioneers in this field with numerous plants built, Pagnoni bosts a technical and technological experience that allows it to be one of the undisputed world leaders in this field.

The production range includes complete lines for any type of lamination with thermo-melting resins demanded in the market: for furniture and flooring industry with melamine impregnated papers and for industrial purposes with phenolic impregnated papers and net print.

The wide range of machines offered by Pagnoni can satisfy all customers requirement: from the simplest and more essential lines, with manual paper composition, to the most sophisticated and automated ones, with automatic paper storage and selection for extreme customised production.

The design and construction of these machines utilizing to the most advanced technologies and the most sophisticated components, the construction stoutness and the “easy handling”, distinguishes Pagnoni production.


melamine lamination press

melamine short cycle lamination presses
In the high pressure laminate manufacturing field, Pagnoni has left behind all the competition by introducing the innovative and unique automatic laminate papers book composition to drastically reduce the manpower. The gigantic “Jumbo presses” have 10 openings, to produce laminates with sizes up to 2.10 x 6.12 m
These presses lead worldwide, for capacity and dimensions.
Our Customers are among the most important and renowned HPL and Compact producers in the world.
For those manufacturers requiring a great flexibility in production, we propose a pressing line with single opening press, suitable to produce the classical postforming certified HPL and Compact (with short and only hot cycle), or particle boards and MDF laminated with decorative melamine impregnated papers.

Pagnoni designs and manufactures special presses for other field applications besides the wood working industry to respond to the specific requests coming from all parts of the world for production as:
-industrial laminates
-cement-bonded particleboards
-rubber belts and different industrial products
-reclaimed leather
-paper and rejected paperboard reconstitution
-PVC and polypropylene plates
-cork plates and boards
-polyvinyl chloride, mica and bakelite plates
-cellulose acetate
-reconstituted marble
-Roll Bond evaporator boards
Updating of existing plants:
- particle board
- MDF panels
- wet fibre board
- plywood and multi-layers
- short cycle lamination line
- decorative laminates HPL
- various plants

Manufactured products and components:
- new canalised hot plates
- simultaneous closings
- MDF and particle board mat continuous pre-compressor
- press loading and unloading systems
- transport systems, materials handling
- various automatisms
- new hydraulic/oleo-hydraulic plants
- new control systems, PLC
- new electrical installations

Fred Kurpiel, a person of great experience in plants for production and processing of wood based panels is the representative for Pagnoni Impianti in USA.
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