PAGNONI SHORT CYCLE LAMINATION PRESSLINES | Thermofused melamine press lines | Melamine Faced Chipboard MFC

Short Cycle Lamination, Melamine faced chipboard, Melamine faced MDF,
HPL laminate Flooring, Thermofused Melamine Panels

Pagnoni Impianti,
leader in pressing technology for the production of particleboard, MDF and plywood panels and High Pressure Decorative Laminates,
for the Short-Cycle Lamination of the board with melamine and phenol papers
-in Pagnoni product mix thare are also standard SCL lines such as Pagnoni Smartline and Selecta-
for the bonding processes (panel veneering, pre-engineered parquet, flooring)
with the continuous double steel belt continuous press Pagnoni Easylam.This site uses pop-up. If you are using a pop-up blocker you may need to disable it to view this site correctly.

Pagnoni Impianti

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