Pagnoni Impianti,

leader in pressing technology for the production of particleboard, MDF and plywood panels
and High Pressure Decorative Laminates,
for the Short-Cycle Lamination (also called Melamine Faced Chipboard MFC
or Thermofused Melamine (TFM) of the board with melamine and phenol papers
- in Pagnoni product mix thare are also standard SCL lines such as Pagnoni Smartline and Selecta -
for the bonding processes (panel veneering, pre-engineered parquet, flooring)
with the continuous double steel belt continuous press Pagnoni Easylam.

- короткотактного ламинирования плит меламиновыми и фенольными пленками
- производство плит ДСП, МДФ и фанеры
- производство ламинатов высокого давления HPL
- плит из волокна-цемента и многих других изделий

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Formerly known as Fratelli Pagnoni Monza.

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